BIMLife and BIM&CO Announce Their Strategic Partnership

To accelerate the development of BIM, Building Information Modeling, in Singapore and ASEAN countries, BIM&CO and BIMLife partner to support  product manufacturers in improving the digitalization of building products.

A building is made of thousands and thousands of building products. This is why BIM can’t really happen without product manufacturers. BIM&CO develops technologies and an ecosystem to support manufacturers and construction companies in the digitization of building products. BIM&CO is now making its ecosystem grow in Asia.

BIMLife ensures the delivery of qualified BIM contents, where BIM players can create, publish, contribute and use BIM objects from all over the world.

Today the French company BIM&CO has announced a strategic partnership with BIMLife to provide BIM products to the construction industry on ASEAN market. BIM&CO has appointed BIMLife as its fulfilment centre and distributor to manufacturers in ASEAN. BIM&CO provides the technology for data standardization, interoperability and collaboration on objects. BIMLife provides the local and regional expertise on modeling and data integration.

“By making this partnership in Singapore, one the most advanced nation in BIM, BIMLife and BIM&CO are aiming to strongly support the development of BIM in the region. This will enable BIM&CO to support manufacturers to become BIM ready or to push further their BIM strategy. For manufacturers, BIM is a real added value to also become a data provider and to be closer to its customers. “ says BIM&CO CEO, Etienne Mullie

“BIM&CO and BIMLife aims at providing manufacturers the tools they need to be autonomous in their BIM strategy, so they can keep control on their brand and products data and models. “ says BIMLife CEO, Webb Poh.

About BIMLife Pte Ltd, is a knowledge management integrator has 20+ partners and 120+ highly qualified BIM/VDC specialist in ASEAN. With years of extensive experiences and capabilities in the built industry, BIMLife will assist BIM&CO in realizing our plans and advance to the next level of attainment.

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About BIM&CO

BIM&CO is a global actor and a leader in the digitalization of product data for the construction sector. The company develops technologies and an ecosystem to support manufacturers and construction companies in the digitalization of building products. To do so, BIM&CO works with manufacturers via the platform. Through the plateform, the company also helps and supports construction companies, architects’ offices and engineering companies with the process of creating and managing their data and objects.

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