2D-3D BIM Conversion

We cover the labor-intensive process of converting your existing 2D drawing into a 3D BIM model. Retrieve your files in Revit to be use to contain comprehensive design & construction information to clients. CAD to BIM conversion are gaining prominence steadily, with a rising number of Singapore companies benefitting from the new methodology.

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Spend Less

If BIM is not your company primary offering, this will save you time, effort and cost which you have to invest in training. Outsourcing 2D to 3D conversion takes a lot of overhead load off and mitigate pressure of investing in software as well.

Enhance Design Analysis

Once you have a BIM Model, which is a digital representation of your design intention, you can use this to visualize your design and make better decisions.


Since you’re required to submit a BIM model, do know that it will be use for coordination. Expect to get feedback on your design through clash detection, allowing you to minimize errors on your part.


Beat your competition to market. Having a BIM Model will allow you to develop stunning visuals and animations for presentation while maintaining design & information integrity.

Further Information

We convert your AutoCad files or PDF/TIF files to BIM utilizing the latest standards and techniques. This is done through a site or facility survey, unless the you have an accurate and updated plan, which we can proceed straight to performing the CAD to BIM Conversion. We have experience working with floor plans across a variety of formats, including PDF and produce fully parametric models by retaining complex shapes as in-place families. If your design is done in Sketchup or other 3D modelling software, let us know, we can do a 3D to BIM Conversion as well!

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