5D Cost Management Implementation

5D Cost Management Implementation
Enhance design decision making through the use of BIM Model for cost estimation. With BIM technology, estimation is done in real time as the model is developed or changed. Explore and compare between different efficient designs to make the optimal decision for your client.
5D is a five-dimensional way of showing the physical and functional aspects of a project. When implemented with 4D BIM, you are adding the element of costs relative to the time/schedule of the project. It integrates design, cost, and schedule in a 3-D Output.

Shorter Project Cycles

Save time with things like paperwork and even down to material costs.

Live Changes

Data is provided in real time as model is developed or changed. Alternative concepts can be easily explored.

Owner transparency

Updating the model automatically changes the construction cost in real-time, thus dynamic information can be provided for client’s knowledge of construction progress.

Provide Cost Estimates Early

Traditionally, Cost Managers develop estimates on the completed designs. with the advent of BIM, it allows them to quickly price iterations and provide real-time feedback to project team.

Further Information

To create an information model, you can add scheduling data to various components/elements that will generate accurate program data for the project. Moving from a 4D BIM, the next step is to generate accurate cost estimates from the components. 5D BIM is helpful in generating proper budget tracking as well as cost analysis, with participants able to envision their progress of their operations and related cost over time.

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