Applications & Plugins Development

Applications & Plugins Development
This custom creation services for application development allows you to create a product that serve your unique needs. Our team will research, scope and develop custom functionalities to achieve productivity gain for your BIM team. Apart from developing these applications, we provide training sessions to ensure your team makes use of the technology you have invested in.

System Integration Expertise

We ensure your systems communicate and deliver as much shared data and information as compared to a single application or plugin. This will allow you to align the application with other business systems to streamline processes and reduce operational & data waste.

Avenue for Automation

Customize and deploy plugin that removes huge manual input, allowing your staffs to focus and provide value on what they do best.

Training Tools

We don’t just develop, we train.

Further Information

Our experts stand ready to work closely with you to ensure your application is developed to be intuitive and effective. Continual support will be done via training, and with flexible and scalable solutions – we ensure the application is capable of further development, enhancement and updating. We understand product adaptation for your special needs is highly critical in building a competitive edge that will enhance your value in the construction process.

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