BIM Defects Management System

BIM Defects Management System
Employ defect management for quality inspection through BIM as a general contractor to enhance construction management of building projects. Easily access defect information through the digital twin serving as a central platform for all involved parties.

Integrated BIM-Defects System

Enhance defect information sharing and tracking efficiency.

Improved Tracking

Improve quality management, minimizing rework, and promoting beneficial change through a single system.

DM phases

Identifying Defects, Tracking Defects, Solving Defects, Recording Defects, Closing Defects are all manage as status within the BIM Model.

Further Information

The DM status can be enhanced by color visualization in the BIM Model. And through the BIMDM module, a user can retrieve historical information, status and condition simply by clicking on the object. It also provides an interface to update and include more information and this input is synchronize across all users. At the defects identification phase, project managers or responsible participants will identify all the defects. They will use the BIMDM to store all description of problems with interior decision and defect photos, and will identify and assign this issue to the appropriate participant for his notice.

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