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MAXHUB X3 Ultimate series

Ultra large, thin, clear create extraordinary vision
MAXHUB Ultimate series have up to 88.9% screen-to-body ratio 4K ultra large screen. Highly integrated machine has only 19mm thickness, exquisite appearance, and stunning immersive sharp images, making it a perfect match for your superior offices.

Ultra-thin Appearance*

screen-to-body ratio*

Ultra-HD Display

Intelligent writing frees your imagination

P-cap and EMR combined touch technology gives you enjoyable and delightful writing experience. Intelligent and user-friendly graphic and table assistant design satisfies your efficient writing needs.

rapid response*

touch accuracy*

levels pressure sensing

Multi-screen interaction eliminates the cable limitation

MAXHUB X3 brings you convenient connection and presentation. You can share photos and documents on the big screen wirelessly through PC, smartphones, and tablets. Control the big screen at your seat with the aforementioned mobile devices. Every presentation and communication experience is beyond imagination.

MAXHUB Integrated LED Display Terminal

Created for Large Scenes Presentation
MAXHUB Integrated LED Display Terminal is suitable for meeting rooms, showrooms, lecture halls and other large scenes, offering you the visual experience of giant screen cinema. The outstanding interaction design and mirroring technology of MAXHUB make your presentation smarter and superior.

Ultra-light and ultra-thin configuration fits all space layout

With the "All in One" design concept, modularized machine case, power supplement system, control system, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth* are integrated to save more space, combining with light and thin screen (the smallest thickness is 38mm), and super narrow aluminum frame.

thin screen*

ultra-light machine case*

Match with MAXHUB conference flat panel, and compatible with many applications

Easy operation by matching with MAXHUB conference flat panel. MAXHUB applications and third-party software are compatible for information publication, welcome screen, and annotation etc.

Information publication

Welcome screen


MAXHUB Mirroring Box

Upgrade your conventional conference room
MAXHUB mirroring box can project PC, smartphone, and tablet to big screen*. Only with one Mirroring Box*, upgrading can be done.

Real time mirroring, without the limitation of cables

Only with one click, lossless video and image can be presented in 0.09 seconds*. One image can be displayed simultaneously on two screens. MAXHUB multi-screen interactive technology supports 4-split screen real time mirroring, showing you a clear data comparison. Synchronous Operating with mobile device makes presentation and communication experience beyond your imagination.

Small size, but high performance and exceptional experience

Android 7.1 system, ultra-large storage, support 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-frequency Wi-Fi,
no stuttering, smooth HD video playback.

6 Core



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