Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Realizing that users and audiences will be able to view immersive 3D Architectural projects, many architectural and interior designers have been working hard trying to perfect this technology into their projects. Since its inception, we have sought to constantly integrate its workflow with innovative technologies to provide customers with a one-stop property solutions.
The team uses computer technology to create a 3D simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside the virtual world. Instead of looking at a big screen in front of them, users may now simply wear a pair of VR headgear, blocking external distraction and fully immerse and interact with the 3D virtual world.

Surreal Environment and Surreal Experience

  • VR allows the prospective buyer or developer to experience walking through a home without actually being on site;
  • Each virtual reality (VR) show unit was painstakingly created in detail in accordance with the actual size, and interior furnishings, of the respective units
  • VR provides interactive 360-degree tours of homes and super real & immersive experience to the viewers; This gives user a comprehensive view and feels of the exact unit user wishes to purchase


VR Showroom Replace Actual Show Unit

  • Instead of building a few showrooms/homes, you may now build just one physical showroom and the rest of the showrooms in VR
  • It is cost saving, at the same time enabling you to show all different types of apartments/properties in one go
  • VR Showroom can be saved as a digital record of the project. After demolishing of the actual showroom, potential buyers will still able to experience the show units with the VR Technology


Portable and Convenient

  • Powerful tool to attract crowds, helping real estate agents to showcase homes and at the same time expand their pool of clients through the use of VR Technology
  • Hassle-free experience when facing difficulties of bringing scale model or not able to show physical show unit
  • Traveling light, easy and comfortable comparing to bringing bulky scale model or at times not able to bring clients to show units


Customization Made Possible

  • VR Showroom provides variety of designs and options. Users may customize and design their ideal home right at their fingertips
    • Interaction made possible such as opening and closing of doors, picking up items, arranging furniture and many more;
    • Materials and layouts palettes available to switch and change wall and floor tiles, colour and many more with just one click;
    • Simulate Day & Night mood

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a computer-generated enhanced image or environment as viewed on screen or other display. The AR programmer will make a combination of real scenario with virtually generated objects as added information to enhance the user’s sensory perception of the virtual world they are seeing or interacting with.
We have a team of experienced IT professionals to program a Mobile App exclusively for us to be able to show or experience the AR 3D unit plans. Users may now experience our AR App simply by downloading it for free from your mobile App Markets.

Suitable for Overseas & Outstation Events

  • Able to present and show 3D buildings/ interior unit anytime, anywhere to anyone
  • Minimum manpower required for outstation/overseas events
  • Launching of events in or to overseas clients without having to worry about physical model/show unit

Portable and Travel Light

  • No more travelling with bulky physical model. Travel light and travel in style
  • Solved the difficulties of not being able to present your physical models or clients not able to physically be in your show unit
  • All you need is your smart gadgets (eg: Tablets, Smartphones)

Clients’ Interaction and Customization

  • Customize your own company’s Augmented Reality (AR) APP and company AR gallery
  • To includes all company current projects and available unit types to provide more options for potential buyers in one session
  • The combination of 3D AR models and Animations, users and viewers are now able to view the details of the building through an even more accurate and direct way while doing presentation

Noticeable & Approachable to Clients

  • Presentation and approaching can be noticeable and surprisingly rewarding. Be the first few pioneering with such advanced technology and be ahead of competitors
  • Through the advantages of word of mouth and mobility, it takes no time for new technology to be outspread amongst the markets
  • With the combination of 3D AR models and Animations, users and viewers are now able to view the details of the building through an even more accurate and direct way while doing presentation

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