“The construction site is a challenging environment, with mismanagement resulting in huge implications of cost and delays to project completion. Some of the issues face are delivery inaccuracies, theft and tempering as well as labor inefficiencies due to the lack of real-time tracking & management system.”

Problem Statement



The application of RFID in the field of construction to allow building materials tracking & monitoring, integrated with BIM as a data repository will allow the formation of a closed-loop visibility and traceability mode in which different users can supervise the construction statuses, progresses in real time.

This have resulted in an improvement from the primitive data logging method that have negative significance in data loss, scattered organization of information and information asymmetry between management and site team with regards to the large use of manpower and resources during design and construction process as well as facilities management.

With RFID in building components, the traceability is drastically increase while streamlining data management along the supply chain through instant data transfer amongst relevant parties via internet.

Product Capabilities

An intelligent real-time tracking & management application to solves the pain points of construction projects in real-time through efficient execution, data cloud storage and synchronization. This all in one platform tracks your assets, inventory, manpower.

Construction Material Management System

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    Track the inventory in Factory/Warehouse.

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    Tracks the delivery of materials from Factory/Warehouse to Site. This ensures you have information on the dates of delivery as well as materials from each delivery.

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    Tracks the movement of materials on site. This allow smoother site and operation planning for movement of all units (personnel, equipment & materials).

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    Tracks the installation and defects from installation. The application provides a central repository to update the installation status of the building elements, as well reporting defects.

Personnel Monitoring System

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    Track personnel on premise. This improves the accountability and traceability for which project and safety managers are responsible through viewing the records of all entries & exits.

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    Allows detection of idle personnel.

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    Allows detection of personnel located outside their supposed working area.

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    Provides an overview of all personnel in any tracked premise.

Platform Benefits

Real-time Asset Management and Report

Assess real-time data at any time for comprehensive management of assets

Easy/Light Operation

Users require only a mobile phone to do material or asset tracking at any time, which brings great convenience to managers and construction workers.

Further Information


Building materials will be embedded with RFID Tag prior to exit from factory, and upon the egress of site these tags will be pick up by a stationary RFID reader, which then transmit the information to the BIM Database. With computerize access to the database on site, this activity ensures all materials are rightly delivered from factory to site, and will include key information such as quantity, time & date of delivery. If necessary, installation of additional stationary RFID Readers will allow for tracking the location of materials within site.

Equipped with a mobile stationary reader, an installer/contractor can update the building material status by scanning in the proximity of the object which will then allow interface with a module to manipulate and extract data from BIM Database. Upon update of building information inside the database, it syncs with the BIM Model. The Quantity Surveyor is notified of the changes and will be able to locate the element’s position through a BIM viewer. By using the module, the surveyor is able to notify the main contractor of the finished checks of the completion of works.


A facility manager will be able to use a mobile RFID scanner on site to retrieve information through scanning in the proximity of the material. By scanning the RFID label sticker on a facility, FM staff can obtain corresponding BIM model of the facility and directly access FM information about the facility such as instruction manuals, photos, maintenance history, manufacturer information and alike from the BIM elements.

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