4D Construction Sequence Implementation

4D Construction Sequence Implementation
Already have the luxury of a BIM Model? Further extract value from it by performing sequencing and construction analysis to execute construction projects with accuracy and efficiency. Integrate with your PMS such as Microsoft Project/Primvera on Naviswork to optimize schedules.

Visualize At Multiple Stages

Through creating a construction sequence by Naviswork, you will be able to filter information from critical period of time. Visualize your construction process at any stages and periodic intervals as necessary.

Logistic Simulation

Plan the placement and movement and construction machinery around the site. Ensure your resources are placed where they can provide the greatest value at any possible time.

Discovery Potential Barriers

Never knew what is hindering you from completion of work on time? With proper 4D management software and skills, deliver both a planned & actual construction sequence to find out the areas which are affecting your schedule. This information helps highlight and provide better planning decisions for future projects.

Further Information

4D Simulation model is to help contractor to plan and visualize construction methods especially in complex or complicated area/time. We collect and analyze all relevant data associated with construction and project planning such as project schedules as well as federated BIM Models. The tracking of construction progress helps to reduce redundancy time, which then minimize unnecessary cost of labor.

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