3D Point Cloud Scan

BIM As-Built Laser Scanning & Modelling

Due to its efficiency, accuracy and level of detail, laser scanning proves to be an ideal technology for BIM. We capture and collect millions of precise data points for a building or site with our scanning technicians which can be used for As-Built Audit/Model quality verification. Another application of this data is to have it mapped to a BIM authoring software for site development, urban planning or land management. This is better known in short as Scan-to-BIM.

High Accuracy

The increasing technological advancements to 3D laser scanning in recent years as well as upgrades to hardware in BIM enabled companies finally hit a sweet spot in ensuring the compatibility of this technology with the construction industry.

Large Applications

This technology have been use in a multitude of projects ranging from factory, industrial park, city as well as environmental engineering, all of which the use case for cloud scanning have proved immensely successful.

As-Built Verification Time Saver

Traditionally means would require methods such as manual measurements and As-Built drawing, which were time consuming and laborious, yet couldn’t perform to a high degree of accuracy as compared to laser scanning. The combined application of technologies allows the team to obtain original technical information easily, thus even missing building plans are not an issue.

Further Information

To conduct 3D point cloud scanning verification, site to be scanned is defined and will be inspected before commencement of laser scanning. Site scans are carried out utilizing a handheld scanner setup at a reference point around the area to be captured. Scans will then be registered after combing the area and are arranged to form a seamless point cloud representation of site or space. These point cloud models are then converted to be use in a BIM authoring platform for individual object creation & development.

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