BIM Clash Coordination

BIM Clash Coordination
We perform BIM Clash Coordination across models of various disciplines to generate clash reports of interferences. These are later assigned with corresponding decision makers in the project team involved with the conflict. Clash coordination allows informed decision making and minimize construction errors resulting in rework.

Validating Design

Allows Architects and Engineers to perform constructability review and design validation before extraction of shop drawings, which traditionally contains most of the issues.

Cross-Discipline Collaboration

Increase collaboration with project team to ensure everyone receives a unified set of information to work with. This increase understanding of how the elements in each discipline will act or react to one another.

Harness BIM Model

Previously it is hard to identify clashes within 2D drawings, due to the lack of the important third dimension, height. Since clashes or interference often effects the project progress and deadlines to a great extent, it becomes imperative and critical to use modern technology to drastically reduce such issues.

Further Information

Traditionally, clashes had to be inspected and complied manually. The use of Naviswork as well as Solibri allows for automated clash detection and have been positive in providing value to the construction industry especially in reducing expensive rework. A considerable waste of resource and time is witnessed if clashes are left undetected through manual inspections of drawings & site validation.

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