BIM Consultancy

BIM Consultancy
Whether you are unsure where to begin, feel that you’re not getting enough value out of BIM implementation or looking to improve your current capabilities, we are ready to assist in building a BIM ecosystem in your company.
As BIM specialists, our goal is to guide industry professionals towards a smooth project transition with the adoption of modern day design technologies to replace traditional building practices.

Customized Trainings

BIM serves the entire construction industry. However big or small part you play in the construction process, we understand that every companies have unique industry needs and wants.

BIM Execution Planning

Required to deliver a BEP plan but have no idea how to? Let us guide you. The amount of information required in developing a BEP plan is huge, however any lack of clarity will pose problems and dispute with the other members of the project team. It is a collaborative document explaining the delivery of your BIM file and process requirement.

BIM Implementation

We provide strategic and technical advice to ensure better communication and collaboration amongst project team. Starting from understanding the purpose of BIM, hiring & coaching, software & hardware requirements, roles & responsibilities of individual members of BIM team to executing BIM projects to a high level of standard.

BIM On-Site Support

Implementation of BIM in the early stages can be a nervy moment. We ensure to position ourselves to guide you in the journey of transition to BIM. We will be handholding your organization through the bottleneck stage of implementation and help you accomplish your corporate goals.

Further Information

Having delivered a multitude of projects across a huge spectrum, we are experience in assisting companies make their transition to BIM. Our consulting experts will guide you through the business and process changes as well as technical challenges involved in the implementation and adoption of BIM to gain a competitive advantage.

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