BIM Smart Object/Library Modelling

BIM Smart Object Library Modelling
We build BIM catalogue and libraries with adapting to various LOD specifications. These models will be embedded with critical data/information. Designs can come from existing 2D drawings, sketches, 3D models (of non-BIM software) or a physical representation. We work closely with manufacturers in order to develop an accurate virtual model of their products, taking into consideration all physical details.

Intelligent Models

We build intelligent virtual 3D objects capable of providing detailed information embedded with metadata.

Smart & Accurate Design

Our models follow closely with the physical characteristics such as its geometry and visual graphical representation, however containing just the right details to prevent families bloating the project file.

Parametric Modelling

Parametric models use feature-based, solid and surface modelling design tools to manipulate object attributes. Parametric design allows changes to be made instantly through modifying a parameter value.

Library Creation

Ensure consistency across the development of all your BIM Objects in Revit, such that they behave in an intuitive manner to users.

Further Information

We provide both single object creation as well as library creation services. As a manufacturer, fabricators, architects or engineers, you can choose to allow others to download these product models from your website to be used for design and construction purposes. We have created many than a thousand objects as a team, and will be able to execute the best modelling techniques to achieve a high family creation standard.

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