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Have to comply with the BIM/VDC reqiurement in your tender specification?

Fuzor is the answer! High quality 4D and 5D simulations created in Fuzor for project delivery on-time and on-budget. Fuzor is capable of combining large 3D models, point cloud data and the project schedule to simulate the construction methodology and produces detailed method statements. For effective project control and management, Fuzor provides the planned and actual schedule, cost tracking and model-based quantity take-offs in 4D construction sequence simulations and reports.

Fuzor 2022 is available!

Fuzor New Release Updates

  • Fuzor AR HoloLens Update
  • Fuzor What is Fuzor?
  • What is new in Fuzor 2021 Release2
  • Fuzor 2020 4D & 5D
  • Fuzor 2020 Design
  • Fuzor 2020 VR
  • Multi-user Collaboration with Hololens!
  • Fuzor 2019 Virtual Design Construction - Features

Now supports vehicle animations

Fuzor is the best VDC software to be with you throughout the VDC project lifecycle

Making much more detailed animations can be achieved in a few minutes!

Fuzor, the next generation 4D & 5D tool is here, what are you waiting for?

The next generation real-time Design Review & Collaboration platform for Architecture!

Do not miss the best Design and Construction workflow solution for the AEC industry

Did you know that Fuzor has a HoloLens Multi-User Collaboration feature? Check it out!

Fuzor is a suite of solutions for common AEC problems in a user-friendly environment

Fuzor Basics

  • How to Synchronize Revit file to Fuzor & Save a Cache File
  • Updating a Revit Model
  • Loading Your Model to Fuzor
  • How to place trees and foliage
  • Pedestrian and Vehicle Placement and Pathing
  • How to export VR-ready client viewers

Learn how to sync a Revit file to Fuzor and how to save a cache file from Fuzor

How to update the Revit model to Fuzor

Load your model in a few steps from Revit, Archicad, Navisworks, Rhino and more!

Use Fuzor's extensive content library to populate foliage in any environment!

Learn how to place and path pedestrians and vehicles

How to customize and generate unlimited .exe files with a 4D schedule

Navisworks and MS Project 4D Workflow

  • Final Outcome
  • Export Navisworks Models to Fuzor
  • Export schedule from Microsoft Project to XML
  • Load MS XML Schedule to Fuzor
  • Add Objects to Tasks Using Different Selection Methods
  • Change Logo of Construction Equipment
  • Concrete Pump + Mixer Animation

This is a simple 4D video to show how a building is built

This video show you how to synchronize the 3D model from Navisworks to Fuzor

This video shows you how to export a schedule from Microsoft Project to XML file format in Fuzor

This video show you how to load the schedule in XML file to Fuzor

This video shows you how to add objects to tasks by using different selection methods

In this video, you would learn how to change the logo on vehicles from Fuzor's content library

In this tutorial video, you would learn how to create an animation for concrete pump and mixer


  • Creating Design Options
  • VR Controls
  • Material Browser
  • Realtime Lighting Adjustment
  • Cinematic Editor
  • How to Edit Door Animation

Learn how to create design options in Fuzor and demonstrate your versatility

Learn how our VR Interface can make your VR workflow more productive

Learn how to quickly change, modify and create new materials

Learn how to make lighting value changes and view them in realtime

Learn how to create keyframe movies of your project with Fuzor

In a few easy steps, edit door animations to fit your design needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum System Requirements

  • Minimum System Requirements

    •  Windows 7 64-bit or above
    •  NVIDIA GTX 960 with 4GB video RAM or better
    •  Minimum 8GB RAM
    •  Minimum 10GB free hard disk space


  • Authoring Software Plugin Support

    •  Autodesk Revit 2018-2022
    •  Archicad 20-24
    •  Navisworks 2018-2022
    •  Civil 3D 2019-2022
    •  Rhino 5-7
    •  Microstation Connect

  • Supported Geometry File Types

    •  3D Object (.fbx)
    •  SketchUp 2016-2022 (.skp)
    •  Point Cloud (.pts)(.fls)(.rcp)
    •  Industry Foundation Classes (.ifc)

  • Supported Scheduling Authoring Software

    •  Asta Powerproject (.xml)
    •  Microsoft Project (.xml)
    •  Primavera P6 (.xml)
    •  Microsoft Excel (.csv)

Recommended System Specifications

  • Recommended System Specifications

    •  Windows 10 64-bit or above
    •  NVIDIA GTX 2080
    •  SSD M.2
    •  Recommended 32 GB RAM or greater
    •  Minimum 50GB free hard disk space

  • What graphics engine does Fuzor use?

    Fuzor was built on its own graphics engine. The Kalloc Studios Instant Preview Engine was developed by Kalloc Studios, Inc. CEO, Henry Yu. Our patented, award-winning engine is specifically designed to handle large object and polygon counts. Fuzor’s engine includes Bi-directional Live Link capabilities that allow Fuzor send and receive changes from your authoring software.

  • Does my Revit version need to match my Fuzor version?

    Each version of Fuzor supports many versions of Revit, Navisworks, Civil 3D, Sketch, Archicad and more. For a list of supported versions please see above


VR, MR and AR Platforms

  • Do you have VR Support?

    Fuzor is the leading plug and play solution on the market. Once your sync your BIM model into Fuzor, it is immediately ready for VR. Inside of VR, experience a seamless workflow that allows you to design directly in Fuzor. Move existing objects, place new families and equiment, view BIM properties, change materials, create annotations and much more!
    Fuzor VDC is the only software that allows you to not only create a detailed 4D sequence but also to review your timeline in VR. Fully immerse project owners or engineers into the project to review site logistics and experience interactive safety training simlations.

  • What VR, MR and AR platforms do you support?

    Fuzor currently supports the following VR, MR and AR platforms:
     HTC Vive
     HTC Vive Pro
     HTC Vive Cosmos
     Oculus Rift and Touch
     Oculus Rift S
     Oculus Quest 2 with Oculus link
     Microsoft Hololens
     Microsoft Hololens 2
     Windows Mixed Reality
     Google Cardboard


  • Are there other subscription options other than Annual Subscription?

    We can offer subscription options other than annual subscriptions. If you have a term in mind or you are just interested in other options, please contact our sales team and they will be able to assist you.


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