Drone Data Capturing Services

Drone Data Capturing Services
Simplify site surveys by making use of modern aerial drone technology for aerial surveying & photogrammetry. This data can be mapped to a BIM authoring software for site development, urban planning or land management. It can also serve as imagery for construction process or marketing/advertising.

Size not an issue

Drone have the capability of capturing an entire project in a single flight.

Site Tracking

If you’re a general contractor, construction project manager, property owner, or civil engineer, there are several types of applications to address the specific challenges you face. This includes construction planning and site logistics, vertical infrastructure inspection and construction progress monitoring and asset management.

Improve As-Built Monitoring

Get regular aerial visual updates of the as-built situation in 2D and 3D to track site progress against project schedule and design.

Reduce Field Time

As a result of mounting scanning technology on a drone, the overall survey time is reduce drastically, allow you to accept more contracts with the same internal resources.

Further Information

Unmmaned Aerial Systems (UAS) have become an extremely valuable measurement and documentation tool in a short period of time. The ability to reach and source for data that a human would have difficulties doing so, be it in terms of capturing a large site data, or dangerous situations arising from site condition. Initially, drone was seen as a fun device, however they are now commercial products readily catered to the construction industry and the building management process.

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