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  • HOK

    HOK on architectural visualization: aggregate, iterate, communicate

    With projects ranging from high-end residential towers to hospitals and airports, HOK uses a number of software packages for design, including Rhino, SketchUp, and Revit. However, “none of them really talk to each other, and none of them are really optimized for visualization,” says Christopher Zoog, Design Technology Specialist at HOK. Unreal Engine provides HOK

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  • BIMLife-and-BIMCO

    BIMLife and BIM&CO Announce Their Strategic Partnership

    To accelerate the development of BIM, Building Information Modeling, in Singapore and ASEAN countries, BIM&CO and BIMLife partner to support  product manufacturers in improving the digitalization of building products. A building is made of thousands and thousands of building products. This is why BIM can’t really happen without product manufacturers. BIM&CO develops technologies and an ecosystem to

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  • Survey BIM

    Different BIMs for different Purposes

    How does BIM work in the real world? There are a proliferation of diagrams with arrows and graphics invariably arranged in a circle, or as a seamless flow. But none of these are explanations of how BIM actually works, they are blueprints of how the authors think BIM should work. It is an attempt to

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  • navis works

    Navisworks 2018 is here

    Annual product launch is always a busy time of year for the Navisworks team and this year has been no different. We’ve completed some interesting projects this year, so here we would like to introduce them to you in some detail. You’ve asked us to improve our connectivity and our interoperability and we heard you!

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