BIM Modelling (All disciplines)

BIM Modelling (All disciplines)
Leave software to us. Our modelers aid in developing intelligent BIM models from conceptual design to finish product on a large number of projects on a consistent basis. Our expert modelers go beyond basic architectural planning to include structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection components from design to as-built models.

Model Coordination

With a 3D virtual design, perform clash detection and resolve conflict with other disciplines to ensure constructability. The ability to identify problems earlier in the building process to reduce rework is one of the highest rated benefit among building experts.

Reduce Model Rework

Imagine building a structure takes a lot of time and effort. A single project could involve hundreds of drafters, engineers and architects. Imagine a designer making design changes only to find the other half using an older version of the design. BIM provides a shared environment between the internal team as well as other partners.

Enhance Decision Making

Implement 4D construction sequencing or 5D cost estimation to provide accurate time and cost information throughout the project. Without a BIM Model, you can’t reap those benefits.

Complete Project Lifecycle

Have all your data in a single source. Facility Managers can use the same As-Built BIM Model for facilities management thus reducing a large amount of data waste. (BIM-FM Integration)

Further Information

We work alongside Architects, General Contractors, Builders, and Engineers to present their work in BIM. Developing a BIM model is just the beginning and offers little benefit if you do not develop plans to use it. A building modeled in BIM allows design analysis, aids in design communication and planning aside from multiple other use case. We also provide staffs to be stationed in your office if such an arrangement is required.

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